Lahore is a wonderful city featuring multiple attractions from different eras. Encompassing culturally rich, exotic and monumental locations, we welcome you to explore our City of Gardens.

M. M. Alam Road

Named after ace pilot M. M. Alam, this is one of the most exciting places in Lahore featuring multiple lifestyle and leisure stops, this road is the hub of entertainment and food in the city.

Tollinton Market

Orignaly built as exhibition hall a century and a half back, Tollinton Market was later used as marketplace. Recently this iconic building on Mall Road right next to famous Anarklai Bazar has been restored as Lahore City Heritage Museum.

Badshahi Mosque

Mughal era landmark mosque built in 17th century.

Lahore Fort

Oldest known citadel of Lahore. Inhabited for more than a millennium, it was used by Delhi, Mughal, Sikh and British empires.

Shalimar Garden

Brilliant masterpiece of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan which is known for its landscapes and fountains.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Commissioned during the Mughal reign in Lahore, this mosque is from the 17th century and restores the culture from that time period.

Lahore Museum

Dating back to 1865, Lahore Museum is one of the monumental buildings constructed during the British rule to have sustained till date.

Shahi Hamam

Also known as the “Royal Baths”, this is a Persian style bath belonging to Shah Jahan’s era. It now serves as a local attraction to observe frescoes from the Mughal Empire.

Food Street

Designated to the cultural habit of finding pleasure in food, the Food Street comprises of a multilayered pedestrianized area where you can find cafes and restaurants enriched with flavors of Lahore.

Mall Road

Mall Road is British era downtown comprising of landmark Victorian architecture buildings.